Caleb’s First Words

A few weeks ago, Caleb said what we consider to be his first word. It’s a bit of a cheat, since it wasn’t exactly correct in definition or pronunciation, but I’m willing to count it. The word was, “mamamamamamamama…” and he says it whenever he is distressed, upset, or uncomfortable. We think he knows it’s connected to Steph, since when he says it, he invariably wants her to come and pick him up or fix his problem, whatever it may be. It’s as though he believes her name to be synonymous with “Help!” or “Comfort me!”

Friday or yesterday (I can’t recall which), he said his second word. It was “Lella-ella-ella-ella-ella”, which is what he calls Ella. He doesn’t use the word when she’s not around. He doesn’t babble it. But he says it when she first enters a room or comes running up to where he is. We’re pretty sure it’s purposeful.

This afternoon, while at Dairy Queen, he said his third word. And I’m proud to say it was “Dada.” He looked up at me from across the table and just said it. Steph and I paused for a second, like, “Did he just say that?” Then he said it again. We encouraged him about it. Then Steph took him away for a minute and brought him back, and when he returned to the table and saw me again, he said it again. It was really exhilarating for me! I know I came in 3rd place to Mama and the dog, but I’m OK with that.

The thing that I’m pretty amazed about is that only yesterday he turned seven months old. I don’t know anything textbookish about child development at all, but people who do know tell me that’s pretty early for him to be picking this stuff up. So I’m excited about that too. We’ve got a real talker on our hands!

Now I’ve just gotta work on “iPhone.”

4 thoughts on “Caleb’s First Words

  1. Your vocabulary, by the time you were 18 months old was remarkable…and we have it on tape. When you were 14 we were barely able to glean the barest outline of your day’s experiences…but when you were 2 you could yak with the best of them.

  2. Ah, and then tonight I swept him up in my arms and was talking to him. He looked down on the floor where Josh was laying and said it again, “Dada dada.” He held his arms out and I handed him over. I asked him to recognize me as mama – the person, not the comfort me/help me mantra – and he looked bored.

    I think he’s also trying to say “cat,” but it comes out kind of like “gjah.” He’s said that twice today on two separate occasions when she walked into the room when we were playing. He hears me say “cat” all the time, but I think the “c” and “t” sounds have not been discovered.

    So, how does it feel to be someone’s third word?

  3. He is even ahead of Josh in words! At 10.5 months Josh could say about six words including “dada”, “ki” for cat, and the all important “cacker” for cracker.
    So much fun ahead!

  4. oh dear. I remember the days when we were excited about the few words that Andrew was saying oh so young. It seemed so amazing and special and cool at the time. Now there is a constant stream of babble from his mouth every waking moment (and sometimes in his sleep) prepare for a time of tired ears!

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