On the Death of Steve Jobs

When Steve resigned as CEO of Apple six weeks ago, people in the Apple community warned each other, “He has resigned, but he hasn’t died. If you talk about it, don’t sound like you’re writing a eulogy.” And yet, the night I heard of his resignation, I hesitantly tweeted “The thing I keep thinking about, no matter how hard I try not to, is the day I heard that Jim Henson had died.” Jim’s death affected me pretty strongly. I didn’t want to admit it when I heard of Steve’s resignation, but it was pretty clear that things with Steve’s health were quite serious if he was no longer able to be involved daily at Apple. But we weren’t going to talk about that. We would hope, instead. It seemed only right.

Steve Jobs died today. I got involved in technology because of him. I moved across the country thousands of miles from family to work for his company for six years. He changed my life. And tonight, it really makes me think.

I’m left contemplating the fact that two of the men I admire most are dead. Initially, I was confused about what to do about this. Despair? No. Apathy? Absolutely not. But it seems clearer now after some thought. What we’re witnessing is a changing of the guard. As the man said himself, death “clears out the old to make way for the new.” The older generation is passing away.

But what are they making way for?

Even without the answer to that question, here we are, walking forward. Those who went ahead of us are passing beyond the veil. And it should strike us now that we’re standing at the front of the line. Here we are. We’re standing right where they were only a little while ago. There’s no need to get scared. That’s pointless. We just got here, we’re not done.

And now the spotlight swings back from the veil and onto our faces. No one is in our way now.

It’s our turn to create. It’s our turn to inspire. It’s our turn to push the human race forward.

It’s our turn. Let’s go.

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