Bruce Almighty

Steph and I went to see Bruce Almighty tonight. Going in, I figured the film had tremendous offensive potential for a Christian, or even a “religious” person, whatever that is. But with the exception of a few short scenes I was wrong. They actually avoided offending me entirely, outside of one sexual scene.

The way they portray God is interesting. He is benevolent and wise. God is intimately connected to each individual human. He cares about us. Wants relationships with us. Wants us to pray. Won’t force us to love Him, but wants us to. Some of the things they portrayed might cause real thinking theologians to shift in their seat (the assumption of free will, for instance) but it certainly wasn’t a massacre of God’s character by any means.

I think the thing that boosted it for me was one scene where Bruce uses his powers to humiliate someone, and it’s really well done if you’re in a wacky mood. Overall, I give it a 70% (50% meaning it was exactly average, and 100% meaning it was the best movie I’ve ever seen) and Steph gives it a 55%.

4 thoughts on “Bruce Almighty

  1. Did you know that the number they show on the pager in Bruce Almighty for God(without the area code of course) is Jen Becvar’s. I guess she was on KTIS and it was in the paper. She has changed her message to say something like, “I’m not God, but I know Him.” Anyway, it’s pretty interesting.

  2. I need to explain my 55% rating. Bruce Almighty was a “nice” movie. It had a nice plot and some nice scenes and some things to think about. I think my issue with movies is when they try too hard to gain audience interest. There were many points where I felt like Jim Carrey was being Jim Carrey. There were a few places where I think the story went over the top just to be more “entertaining” or (even worse) went for the lowest-common-denominator comedy. I watched The Pianist recently and it’s probably one of the better movies I’ve seen in a long time. This film took a story and presented it with no overdone glitz to try to get me to like it more. No jokes about kicks to the groin or overly dramatic facial expressions. Just a beautiful story told simply and well. No glitz…just story with some great poetic shots. So, while Bruce Almighty wasn’t a bad movie by any means, I felt like it tried a bit too hard to get me to like it through gimmicky stuff that didn’t add to the plot…. So, 55%. Josh thinks I’m being harsh, but hey, someone has to be the critic.

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