New Trends

I just got a spam with the word "unpracticableness" in the subject line. I love this stuff! Seriously, can spam be fun? It’s just awesome to see the stupid stuff these people come up with. Who are they fooling? So I made a decision. I’m going to take my favorite spam subject lines and post part or all of the subject just helter-skelter on some of my blog posts. Kinda like how some blogs have a what-song-I’m-listening-to-right-now tag line on each post. I’ll have a what-spam-subject-I-thought-was-funny tagline in some posts.

In that spirit, I’ve also decided that since I’m regularly coming up with band names that sound cool (well… cool to me) I’m also going to have a "Today’s cool band name" on some posts, just for fun.

You’ve been warned.

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