Stephanie Lewis is my favorite person in the entire world. She has been for quite some time now, actually, but I figured since today was our third wedding anniversary that it’s a sensible time to announce that fact to the world without all my friends retching at the cheesy, mushiness of it all. (Mmmm… mushy cheese…)

When I look at my wedding pictures today, I see a worried, puffy-looking man, clad in white, getting married to my wife. Honestly, I was quite stressed out that day. As August 12th, 2000 approached, I became more and more anxious, both because I really loved Steph and couldn’t wait to be her husband, but also because I had all sorts of odd feelings zooming around in my head. “This is a big deal! Am I really ready for this? Am I sure that I’m ready for a life-long commitment? Maybe I should’ve waited another year…” and so on. To be honest, the wedding day wasn’t that great. But marriage is absolutely wonderful.

It turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life.

I love being married. I can’t stress that enough. I come home at night and Steph is there, and I can talk to her, and have fun with her, and play games and see movies and share life with her, and it just gets better and better every single day. Sure, we have fights sometimes, but I can’t stay mad at her (mostly, she’ll tell you, because I insist on resolving all arguments immediately no matter how inconvenient). She is one of the most loving, giving people I’ve ever met, and the cool part is that she loves me back. And forgives me when I’m stupid. And likes The Simpsons, Cowboy Bebop, Beck, and web design. She even lambasts Microsoft at every chance she gets. What more could I ask for?!?

Steph, it’s been a pleasure being your husband, and I can’t wait to see what the next three, or thirty, or sixty years will bring. I love you.

And please don’t get me anything leather.

5 thoughts on “Leather?

  1. Happy Anniversairy!!! I knew it was coming up but I didn’t remember that it was the same day as your birthday, Josh. Is that right? August 12th? That is your birthday, right? Now I am getting confused and thinking maybe I got it wrong and it was actually on the 10th. Well, anyway… Happy Anniversairy Josh and Steph!!!

    ps-ewww… Leather roses….

  2. W00t! You were stressed Josh. We had to wake you up in time for the wedding, and you brushed your teeth AFTER putting on a spotless white tux. Andy and I enjoyed filling in for your brain, as it was elsewhere.

    And I thought your wedding rocked. Best one I’ve been to (no offense to other readers- Green Bay just didn’t do it for me. That bar was cool though- with whatever game that was we were playing).

    Heh, my friend’s marriages are the main reason I keep thinking the single life isn’t as great as I think it is, and that’s a compliment.

  3. August 12, 2000 was a good day for love — that’s the day my husband and I decided to get married, while sitting on a beach in Connecticut under a full moon. (We got married about 8 weeks later.) Congratulations on your anniversary!

  4. Your comments make your mother’s and my hearts warm. We are so glad you and Steph are happy together. I remember that day too. I’ve seen you under lots of pressure situations before and you never even broke a sweat. That day was different., though.

    It should have been…for the reasons you mentioned…lifetime commitment…it IS a big deal etc. etc. But you’ve had some great models…grandparents, Jo and Rog etc. You know HOW, and you know the Savior.

    You’re doing it well, and having great fun in the process. Congratulations. We love you and continue to be proud of you.


  5. Congrads. Obviously this is rather late, but I just my iBook reassembled today (work has been busy, and repairing my own machine is last priority). At 3 years, having that level of commitment and really enjoying mariage is great to hear. I am sure that some people are just starting to try and figure out who it is that they married, and why?

    I just found out earlier this past week that a buddy who was on Getsch 3 with me proposed, and is engaged to be married to a girl that lived on Getsch 3 as well. Isn’t that a match made in … Bethel?


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