An Admission

OK, I think it’s about time that I just come right out and say it. If I keep hiding it, it’ll be more difficult for me later, and I think you all deserve the truth.

I need Windows 98.

Let me do a little damage control here before anyone loses their head and goes screaming for the hills. As I’ve mentioned, I’m spending a lot of my free time doing web development and design (although you all have seen very little of those efforts at this time since I sometimes grossly underestimate how long some of this stuff really takes when you only do it in your free time). Well, it’s possible Stephanie and I may have the chance to actually make some money at it on the side, and it’s important to me that my sites look good on all platforms. Basically, Windows 98 can run both IE 5.5 (which I need to test because it renders pages so poorly) and IE 6.0, which is the most popular browser on the planet. So I’m going to load Win98 into my Virtual PC program on my Mac and test the sites that way. I’ve heard it works well.

So I need y’all to do me a favor and see if you or your loved ones have a copy of Windows 98 laying around that you no longer use as I am interested in purchasing it from you! Cash money! Also, no, I don’t want any illegal copies. If Bill Gates himself walked into my house, the only thing I want to get arrested for is giving him the punch I owe him.

Speaking of IE 5, if any of you out there on Windows are using IE 5.anything, please please please for the love of the Internet go straight over here and upgrade that sucker to IE 6! It’s free and it’s faster and better, so do it! Also, if you’re looking for an alternative on Windows to IE, look no further than Firebird . It’s also free and it’s only 6 MB to download, so give it a try today! Those guys really know how to render.

OK, enough Windows talk for now.

Did I mention that Panther is totally awesome?

5 thoughts on “An Admission

  1. I have to 2nd the nomination for Firbird. I use it as my primary browser and recommend you all try it out. It has built in pop-up suppression, which makes the browsing experience so much more relaxing. I also like the fact that I don’t have flash or java installed on it. Of course, I have to use IE every Monday for my H*R dose.

    The coolest feature of Firebird is the tab browsing thingy. I have my middle button setup so when I click on a link with it, it automatically loads the page in the background in a new tab. Kind of like TIVO for the web.

  2. So, why is Firebird good if Flash or Java isn’t built into it? Many sites use those.

    And Josh, meh to you and Panther. You’re such a biased source! 😉 Is it really worth an additional $130 for users? Don’t give me that “it’s cheaper than uprading Windows” BS the guy gave on the Screensavers this morning: what makes it better than Jaguar or whatever, and is it worth that kind of cash?

    Before XP, Win 98 was my favorite Win OS (ie- less glitchy), but unfortunately my comp came with it installed, and I have no actual disc.

  3. Josh, I have a legit 98 SE disk with the oh so helpful “Getting Started in Window 98” booklet sitting around somewhere, I could dig it up if you haven’t found another copy yet. I’m running 2000, and have no plans to move backwards….

    Neal, Firebird is a cool browser and it does work with Flash and Java if you want it to. However you have to make a slight change to the Windows registry to allow it to use your current plugins. (Might be different on other platforms). It’s fairly easy to do….

  4. Not having flash or java is actually a lot nicer then you might think. So many people use them is ways they should just not be used end it ends up just bogging down my compy. Also, many ads are in flash, so it essentially becomes a crude way of blocking those as well. Of course, there are some *gasp* legitimate uses for flash and java. In those rare cases, I can always open IE.

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