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  1. I don’t get the hype. Ten years ago when this whole thing happened he was pretty much done. He hasn’t done anything of note since (except be extremely weird). The throne of pop king has been vacant for a long time.

  2. I’m a fan of Jackson’s music. I saw an interview w/ him on T.V. (where they followed him around and his children were in halloween masks) and was totally weirded out. As for these allegations, I’m not sure how I feel. Part of me thinks they could be true. Part of me thinks that any parent that would send their kid to a possible child molester’s house has the idea of lawsuit and big money on their mind. So, I guess I don’t have an opinion on the matter until he is tried in court.

  3. Now, why would Timberlake want to take Jackson’s throne? It would only make me dislike him even more, and that’s saying something.

    Although, Jackson did spawn a decent skit on Saturday Night Live. Patrick Stewart was working a single’s bar for “Operation Michael Jackson Not Gay,” he’d get a chick all excited to go out to a ranch, and then he’d let Jackson’s lookalike sweep in, only to have him botch the deal. Boo yeah.

  4. I don’t mean throne-of-everything-Michael-has-ever-done. I’m not implying Timberlake will BECOME Jackson in every way. I’m saying that musically, Jackson is and has been winding down, but no one is taking his place. No one is modernizing and evolving Jackson’s musical style to bring it into the future. I’m saying that musically, Timberlake could be the one to do that.

    Is that what you thought I meant? And if so, why would you disrespect Timberlake for doing that? He’s already doing it.

  5. Heh, I did mean everything Jackson has and is doing, btw.

    Still, I think any of the new pop sensations over the past years are doing pretty much what he’d done. Music industry types can say all they want, but much of Jackson’s influence on the musical scene was in the 80s. Sure, he SOLD stuff in the 90s, but I didn’t see him influencing the style or culture of music in that decade.

    While boy bands, Timberlake, and other pop style music groups may not have lasted as long as Jackson, they’re pretty much doing what he did. That’s all.

  6. I don’t know what the article said (the link is broken), but here’s something to consider: I’ve heard that Justin bought the Justified album (c’mon, nobody actually thought he wrote it), but it had actually been written for MJ. I remember the first time I heard him on the radio I thought, wow, this is Michael Jackson. Apparently it (almost) was.

  7. OK, I fixed the broken link by changing it into the 2nd article I linked to. Originally it pointed to a dynamically generated list of topically-related articles that Google News had found, but apparently they don’t store that stuff.

    That’s really interesting, Tim. I hadn’t heard that album-purchase reported anywhere, but if it’s true, that would solidify my theory that what I’m hearing musically from Timberlake is more deliberately similar to MJ than other artists are trying to be.

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  9. I’m going to leave that last post up simply for the fascination of the nutcases that the Net brings out. Nothing that guy just said made any sense at all, and he apparently either made a flash movie about it, or found a flash movie about it.

    Now he’s going around the Net, finding blogs that talk about this topic, and “spreading his wisdom” to everyone by linking to the flash movie and posting some kind of non-sensical sermon before the link.

    Maybe it would help if his English was clear. I don’t know. I’ll never know.

  10. The next Michael Jackson would be black and sell over 50 million albums.He would be original,and his dancing,videos,and music would stick out like a sour thumb.Is that Justin? no.Is that Usher?, No.Is it sisqo,hell no.

  11. lately, i’m not the biggest michael jackson fan, but i am a music fan in general; pop, rock, r&b, etc. I can say that just as elvis is still the king of rock-not because he invented- that title goes to little richard- but because he was the most successful in thatb genre of music and nobody since his death had been more successful in rock. the same applies to mj, he may not be the king of the charts anymore but he is still the king of pop because nobody has been more successful before or since in popular music. what other pop artist has had a #1 hit in 4 different decades, have one album sell over 54 million copies (more than n’sync’s 4 combined), & has had 5 consecutive albums sell over 20 million copies worldwide (1979-1995)? all of this was achieved my michael jackson and only michael, so the title king of pop still suits him, and when another artist breaks those records then michael will be dethroned.

  12. Michael Jackson is still the King of Rock, Pop, and Soul. Michael is and was the biggest entertainer ever. In the states, you can compare him to Elvis or The Beatles, but even they did not have world-wide appeal like Michael. Michael can sell out 50-100,000 seat or standing stadiums anywhere in the world. And whoever said his music isn’t being evolved anymore, that’s not true. When he did Scream with his sister, look how many rap videos took place in wierd spaceship-type settings. When he did Thriller, that was the first music video with a theatrical like look and feel. Now, EVERY video has a story tell. Even on videos like The Way You Make Me Feel, where he is just chasing a chick around, look how many videos are like that. Justin is a good artist, but nowhere NEAR Michael Jackson. Thriller has probably sold more than all of N’Sync, Justin Timberlake and J.C. Chazez albums combined. I’m sorry, but just because Justin and Usher sing songs and dance similar to MJ doesn’t mean they are the New Kings of Pop. Think about it this way: Michael Jackson, Elvis, The Beatles, Justin Timberlake. Which one does not belong?

  13. 500 Billion? I think either there’s a few too many zeroes on that number, or you’re suggesting MJ has served more than McDonald’s.

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