Cheating Penguins

This is so odd, but leave it to the Internet to have something like this happen. Some of you may have seen a little Flash game out on the ‘Net recently where you’re playing a little white Yeti creature with a big white baseball bat, and a penguin jumps down from above you and you swing the bat and send the penguin flying as far as you can. I have no idea what the game’s official title is, or who actually created it originally, but I’ve discovered something dastardly about it, and I thought I should alert you all to this particularly concerning fact.

I began playing the game at the following location. Go ahead and give it a swing. I’ll wait. Maybe try ten times and see how high of a score you can get:

Penguin Baseball : Version A

Then, through a link that Neal had posted I discovered this second copy of the game. If you pay attention to the comments in that entry, there are stories of scores there that report numbers much higher than I believed to be achievable with Version A of the game. It’s important you’ve already played Version A before you play this one. But notice how much higher your scores are!

Penguin Baseball : Version B

I’ve been able to get a decent high score there, although it’s not the stuff of legend spoken of on Neal’s blog. Still, I thought I should alert you all to that fact, so that if you’re having high-score discussions with others you can at least know there are two (or more) different versions floating around out there.

3 thoughts on “Cheating Penguins

  1. Yikes, the speed you get off of the one I found through Jess is waaaaay more than the one you found.

    I get my high scores through hitting somewhat high line drives, where the penguin skips at the end. Somehow my bro’s girlfriend got him to skip after hitting a homer with it.

  2. What the heck is wrong with that penguin in A? That isn’t version A, that’s version F. I only tried it a few times, but the penguin gets very little height and definitely no distance. And, does he ever land on his head?

    I can get the one in A to skip a few times, but he doesn’t go anywhere. He just ends up around the three hundreds (with another one of those 0.3’s…) I think that one is to make you feel better about your score in the other version. lol

  3. my high score: 588.8. i can’t do any better than that.

    if you hit the penguin low (but not too low) he’ll touch down a bit after the 300 sign and bounce/skid the rest.

    someone beat my score!

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