Bono Was a Poser

OK, broadband or not, you’ve gotta check out this movie (12.5 MB, spotted on They’re performing “Life On a Distant Planet,” which I’ve never heard. Is this a well-known U2 oldie? I have no idea.

The video is in Windows Media Player format, and it seems you’ll need the latest version to watch it (Mac, Windows), but man it’s worth it.

It’s of a U2 performance from 1979. Hey U2 fans, remember those pictures where Bono is wearing strange checkered pants and trying to be punk? Yeah, it’s from that stage.

I’ve gotta say that although most of the performance looks extremely forced, the little blue-screen effect with the gloves is interesting.

Oh, and Larry hasn’t changed even a smidge, except that now he has a more-dangly earring.

8 thoughts on “Bono Was a Poser

  1. OMG LOL11l1!! this is sooo terrible! It’s like watching the early 80s vids on MTV. *shudders* I guess even great bands can’t always be great.

  2. You know… I run a site for Jr. Highers over at, and that comment very closely resembled what they write on a daily basis.

  3. I don’t think he was trying to be punk, from what I remember from U2 history class they were considered punk back then. Maybe more so for political reasons than musically, but still.

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