Obi-Hen Kenobi

Henson in a towel after getting a bathI’m not intending this blog to become some kind of shrine to Henson, my miniature dachshund. I admit I’ve been writing about him more than usual lately. I don’t intend to, it’s just that he’s so dang naughty! Someone has to tell you these stories, and I figure that someone is me.

Tonight we moved the kitty litter box outside onto the patio in the back of our house, under an awning. The cat knows how to use the little pet door we installed, and she is perfectly capable of going out whenever she likes, so that shouldn’t be an obstacle for her getting kitty business done. We moved it there because we needed somewhere to keep Henson’s kennel, now that we’re going to begin using it again. Henson is just uncontrollable when he’s at home alone. We’ll come back to find food gotten into and ripped apart, things from our bags strewn about the living room (thankfully unmauled) in the hopes of finding gum or some other treasure, and occasionally there will be an accident in the house. When we bought a little gate to put between the kitchen and the rest of the house so we could limit Henson’s “damage zone” Henson figured out how to escape. We’re still not sure how he does it. So the kennel will be the end of that. We tried to give him freedom, he didn’t take it well, and he won’t have it again.

Tonight Henson made his way outside and found the litterbox. Steph and I didn’t notice he’d been gone for half an hour, and when we found him, he was trapped inside the litterbox, unable to get out. We usually push it up against a wall so that only the cat can get in there, but he once again figured a way around it and got in, and trapped himself. He was covered in cat nastiness. He was immediately brought inside and given a bath, and you can see the result of that bath above. Truly, a more repentant face has never been seen.

9 thoughts on “Obi-Hen Kenobi

  1. Repentant? I dunno about that: he looks calm, cool, and confident in what he has done, and willing to do it again. Your thinking he is repentant is obviously the result of a Jedi Mind Trick. “I’m not the evil dog you think I am.” *mysterious wave of the paw*

  2. I think 5 was the one using the Jedi mind tricks.

    “Hey, Henson, want to really assert your independence? What to show ’em that nobody tells you what you can and can’t do? Want to experience something you’ve never experienced before?

    You do? Then thrust yourself through this one way door into my Mystery Palace over there and then roll around in some of the special surprises I’ve hidden for you there.

    Go ahead. You’ll love it. Really.


    It’s like one of Gary Larson’s Far Side cartoons.

    5 has probably choked up a hairball or two laughing at him.


  3. Heson can get out of and through almost anything, but he couldn’t get out of a litter box? I think that he may not have trying. He was probably playing a game of Hide’n Seek with 5 and believed that 5 would never find him in her litter box. She, of course, did but she thought it more amusing to let him think he won, letting him baste in her “special surprises,” as Pop put it. 5 is no Satan, she just wanted to share the humor of finding a wiener dog in a kitty litter. If Henson seemed to be struggling when you found him, it was really him trying to contain hi anxious anticipation of being found. He’s not so good at hding his feelings. And that look you assumed was one of repentance is really one of vengence. He’s no Obi-hen, he’s the Count of Monte Henson!

  4. Okay, I’ve never met 5 or Henson. I don’t believe 5 is Satan. However, 5 is a cat; cats are clever. By deduction, 5 is clever.

    Face it Josh, Henson just got punked and stunked.

  5. You anti-dogists! If this weren’t over the internet, I’d sic a billion dogs on you all. 5 is intelligent, but hardly that smart, you clearly have allowed your anti-dogism to influence your thinking on this subject. I abhor you all. 😉

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