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iTunes free song capHere are three more iTunes codes, one of which is courtesy of my kind and generous friend David S., who can’t redeem his code because his wife works at an Apple Store. Please give David your condolences in the comments. Best condolence gets another iTunes code. Warning: I’m a very subjective judge.

18 thoughts on “Three More

  1. I took the first code and downloaded The Magnetic Fields’ “I Don’t Believe You.” Any song with punctuation is cool.

    (OK, this is actually Kevin, Abby’s wife, snagging an iTunes code for her because she has to work and go to class tonight and even do some observation over her lunch break today–so she’s way too busy to be getting free songs. But this is a song she’s been bugging me to get, so it just as well be her snagging the code.)

  2. I do what I can.

    And now I grab one for myself: The Ditty Bops “Ohh La La”. These guys are just funky. Kind of jazzy, blue grass, poppy stuff. I grabbed it because it was different.

  3. After probably too painstaking a process I selected Butterflies Day Out, It features Yo-yo ma, Mark O’Connell and Edgar Meyer. The three instruments played are Cello, Bass, and Mandolin. Very Chill song.

  4. And still no condolences for David. So sad.

    Andy, I notice all the songs you’ve gotten so far have mandolin in them. Do you listen to any non-mandolin music? 🙂

  5. David… Sorry man, I am sure that Josh feels your pain and the many people that work at apple and pepsi, sometimes it just stinks to be employed by the right company.

  6. I would completly agree with Kevin on the condolences, that was admitedly extremely hard to write. And yes, I do enjoy a lot of mandolin music however, I seem to be on this acoustical sound trip recently. Also I recently borrowed the Garden State Soundtrack and have been intoduced to some rockin artists like Iron and Wine, Bonnie Somerville, and the Shins. So the two songs I (so far) got were on a long list of songs I’ve been wanting.

  7. *glares at everyone else* What the heck? Do you people not have lives? Jobs? I check this blog pretty darn regularly, and I have yet to get one of these darn codes. Seriously, get a life folks: the internet is making you look even more pasty and white than the winter can account for.

  8. *Glares at Neal* Neal, Just cause I have a job that gives me at least a 2 hour lunch to check this and I happen go to a school that gives me free wifi, don’t hate us. Besides, I coach soccer for a living and it already have a “summer look” going.

  9. Your condolences are all horrible. I reject them. Categorically! The deal is off.

    By the way, here are three more codes:


    Make us want to spend 99 cents on something you got for free!

  10. I personally do feel sorry for Dave, as I’ve been unable to get a song until now, so not being able to get any for free is still a sad thing: even if you get a discount. If anything, having a discount usually makes you spend more, not less, hehe. I know- I worked at Barnes and Noble where I had a 30% off discount.

    Anywho, I picked the first code, and got Kassabian’s “Club Foot.” I don’t live in the Cities, so I don’t have any stations playing this, so I got it. I really dig songs that have a nice strong rhythm, and this song actually reminds me a lot of club music in the British Isles. Brings back memories of grooving in U2’s club, The Kitchen. So yeah, get in on some groovitude. Buy “Club Foot.” (I’m not quite sure what’s different between the normal version and the “video edit.” Anyone else know?)

  11. I just snagged the second Song. I am feeling lucky lately, all I can chalk it up to is good timing.

    I am feeling adventurous so I ventured a little outside of my comfort zone and got “Taylor” by Jack Johnson. Lately I have been into the the acoustic sound. Rockin.

  12. Sneaky, sneaky–posting more codes in the comments!

    It appears all the codes have been taken (is someone holding out on us, or still deciding?), so I won’t get to snag another free single. Doh.

    And Neals, I think that Kassabian song was offered as a free download a week or two ago. It helps to pay attention to what songs they’re giving away free.

  13. I DO pay attention to that, and I don’t recall seeing it for free, so I guess I either missed it or something else.

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