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I’ve just discovered, via the magic of the Interweb, a set of astoundingly high-quality covers of the music from Super Mario World on But it’s not what you’re probably thinking. You’ve heard covers of this music before, and they’re usually just a bunch of stupid samples from the original game cut together with some crappy techno music.

These recordings, on the other hand, must have been done by a group of professional musicians (or, as it turns out, one multi-talented individual). I urge you, if you’ve heard the Super Mario World music even once, download these tunes immediately. This man, Jason Cox, has translated the entire thing into something totally new. It’s all being done with real instruments. Acoustic guitars, banjos, harmonicas, mandolins, electric guitars, bass guitars, keyboards, percussion of all sorts. I am so incredibly pleased with the outcome that I’m actually getting tears in my eyes just listening to it.

Go! Download it now! If you don’t know which link to click on, just click here. That’ll get you high-quality versions of all the songs.

My favorite is track 13, presumably called “Star Road.” Wow.

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  1. Yesterday was kind of a mario day for me. I found the XOC stuff too but also a PC Mario game that looks like Super Mario World but our overhalls-wearing hero has the water jet pack on from Mario Sunshine. Linky

  2. For the fans out there of the Final Fantasy RPG series (which has been gracing the gaming world with its presence, sometimes okay, sometimes spectacular, since the original Nintendo NES), you can actually get the entire game’s series soundtrack off of iTunes. I saw it a couple months ago on there, and haven’t ever felt the need to spend the cash, but you CAN get all the music from the series off of iTunes. That’s right, from the MIDIs of the original to the longer, more complex tunes of Final Fantasy X, you can listen to it all. And just about all of it is quite good. One of the best game soundtracks ever, imo.

  3. OK, that’s just awesome. Although the vocals on the p-block special were a little disconcerting, and the castle melody gives Apocalyptica flashbacks. If you can, I say listen to it through a good surround ambiance processor (like PLII, Logic7 or Neo:6, not the echo/reverb ones). It gives it just a slightly over the top feel which I think definitely works well with this music.

  4. Jeremy,

    It’s interesting that you mentioned the vocals on the P-block Special, because that was the one point in the whole album that stood out to me as being incorrect. I really didn’t like them. They made me want to skip the song, and it’s such a good song otherwise that it’s really disappointing how the vocals ruin it.

  5. Yea, I’m still not sure what they had to do with the song. I sorta wondered if it was just sampled for the style of it (some of the other effects sound a lot like very short voice samples) and that one was too long/not distorted enough.

  6. Well, ignoring how off topic this is, whether or not I stole your name depends on if you were born before or after me. If you were born after me, then technically you stole my name. Then again, I’m sure I stole it from someone else, too.

  7. For those that want it, there’s now a no-vocals mix of Special Road (and the aborted full version of the P-Block theme) on my MySpace page. Enjoy!

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