Creating vs. Consuming

The act of creating is one of Man’s highest callings, and it’s something I try to encourage in myself. This blog is an expression of that. This is actually my 300th post. I really cherish the way that this blog encourages me to make something, even when it’s something stupid. Because making something is better than making nothing.

But tonight I’m not a maker, I’m just a taker. I’m not a creator, I’m just a consumer. I don’t feel like making anything. I can’t seem to force myself to do it. Nights like this are really frustrating to me because I know I’ve got something to create, and ten other somethings after that one, and I just don’t have the ability to get there mentally.

2 thoughts on “Creating vs. Consuming

  1. I often have the desire to create many things but not the wherewithal to carry it out at the moment. There are so many things I want to build or work on. Wood and metal projects, electronics and circuit building, inventions, web development, vehicle mods, etc. The list just goes on. I just need more time it seems to work on them. I just never have enough though.

  2. Yeah, I definitely have my “meh” moments. Last night after getting home from a longer than usual day at work, I just read and watched my DVD of Smallville, even though I have “creative things” in the works or could have graded papers.

    Sometimes I wish I could be happy with just teaching, reading, being with friends, gaming, Jessica, etc. But part of me needs to create, so on goes the writing and photography. It’s wonderful at times, and frustrating at others.

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