Hasta la Vista.

I don’t think I need to give many of you reasons to not go to Vista. But I’ll post one big one here: a new Apple commercial that points out the fact that Vista’s higher security may not be worth the tradeoff. Looking for a real-world example? Look no further than this series of screenshots outlining the steps to delete a shortcut from your desktop.

Let me restate that: your desktop. Not their desktop, your desktop.

Having said all that, if you still really want need to run Vista, just run it on a Mac. That way, you can escape to Mac OS X’s loving arms when Vista gets cranky, freezes up, or asks too many questions.

6 thoughts on “Hasta la Vista.

  1. That’s a crazy number of steps just to delete one thing off the desktop. I still haven’t switched to a Mac yet, but I’m convinced that the next machine I get for home use, will be.

    Josh, what’s up? Long time no see. Cool looking blog BTW–I like the time-lapsed color transitions.

  2. Yeah. Vista runs okay on my macbook, no aero though… so get a powerhouse to run vista at least a pro… and now I don’t use windows at all…

  3. I’d say take that running on a Mac a step further. I’m stuck with some Windows interaction due to my job involving Windows servers, and have been using virtual machines. Yesterday my boss started evaluating Parallels, and as of this morning we’re considering everyone getting it. The new version not only supports bootcamp partitions, but a feature called coherence in which the apps under Windows can intermix with the Mac ones (it basically makes the windows desktop rootless, or at least mostly rootless). Just what’s necessary, without having to deal with the other stuff. 🙂

  4. I’d say that’s a good way to look at Windows: take what you must have without taking the whole thing.

    Windows is a lot like the dentist: no one likes it, but we all need it now and then.

    Maybe in a few years, that need will go away too.

  5. Most of what I do with Windows these days could be done with LDAP. In fact, I have scripted much of it, and most read-only things I use some quick scripts I wrote. I just haven’t had time to copy the parts of tools I need, thus being stuck with the Windows for now. Sadly this situation is probably not yet the case for most people who are stuck with Windows.

  6. Don’t feel too bad! As a web developer, I’m going to be stuck with Windows as long as people are still using it, because I have to use it to test my web pages in Internet Explorer.

    I suppose Microsoft could stop producing a web browser and just rely on Firefox, but… yeah, that’ll be the day. I don’t blame them for creating IE, I suppose. I just wish I had fewer browsers in which to test. But considering the negative impact that fewer browsers could have on the unsuspecting general public, it’s an inconvenience I’m willing to put up with.

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