Cross-country Movie Watching

I want a device that allows me to watch any movie of my choosing with friends who aren’t in the room with me. We’d all watch the movie at the same time and this device would keep the movie in sync across all our players (e.g. pausing or fast forwarding in one place would do it everywhere), and it would also allow us all to hear each other talking while we watch. That way, I could invite friends from across the country to sit down and catch a flick with me even if we can’t be together in person.

There are low-tech ways of doing this. They all suck.

3 thoughts on “Cross-country Movie Watching

  1. My first thought was slingbox as well, but there’s the ~7 second delay and single-destination issue. VLC’s network sync option combined with the phone (or ventrilo or something similar) may be the way to go though.

  2. Ahh, I know this feeling well. I wouldn’t mind doing this, either. Watching movies with others is a good thing. Though it can work somewhat well with cell phones (or free long distance) and starting at the same time.

    Jessica and I made it through most of Firefly, a few seasons of Stargate, and umpteen movies in this fashion. Call the other person up, and push “play” at the same time! You might be a second or two off, but that’s it (though you are in it for the long haul: no bathroom breaks, which I know is a concern for some).

    I suppose that’s still low tech, but it’s kind of fun if you’re easygoing with the process. Probably would work for a conference call, too!

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