Big Check

OK, I’ve got a bit here. I think this would really work in the context of a larger story. It doesn’t work as well as a standalone joke. How well this worked would be heavily dependent on the actors playing┬áthe parts.

A man walks into a bank with one of those giant sweepstakes checks made out to him, having just won a big prize.

Man: “Hey, I’d like to deposit this?”

Teller: [Looks the check over.] Ah, you still need to endorse this here, sir. [Teller pulls out giant three-foot pen.]

[Man awkwardly signs giant check. Teller puts giant check into giant check scanner behind counter, then hands Man a regular receipt for the transaction.]

Man: [Smiles] Aren’t you going to give me a giant receipt?

Teller: [Slightly put-out] Don’t be silly.

So, who could play those two parts best? We need someone slightly snooty as the teller, and a straight man for the customer.

I also have a feeling that this is just a variation on a classic that already exists.