Big Check

OK, I’ve got a bit here. I think this would really work in the context of a larger story. It doesn’t work as well as a standalone joke. How well this worked would be heavily dependent on the actors playing┬áthe parts.

A man walks into a bank with one of those giant sweepstakes checks made out to him, having just won a big prize.

Man: “Hey, I’d like to deposit this?”

Teller: [Looks the check over.] Ah, you still need to endorse this here, sir. [Teller pulls out giant three-foot pen.]

[Man awkwardly signs giant check. Teller puts giant check into giant check scanner behind counter, then hands Man a regular receipt for the transaction.]

Man: [Smiles] Aren’t you going to give me a giant receipt?

Teller: [Slightly put-out] Don’t be silly.

So, who could play those two parts best? We need someone slightly snooty as the teller, and a straight man for the customer.

I also have a feeling that this is just a variation on a classic that already exists.

3 thoughts on “Big Check

  1. Seems to me like the teller bit was written for Steve Martin but maybe that’s just me…

  2. My goodness, Steve Martin is perfect! I’m willing to entertain other suggestions, of course, but I think you nailed it. I keep thinking of his “waiter” role in The Muppet Movie.

    Now, the customer. A young Charles Grodin or Bob Newhart? This one seems harder to define.

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