Kibbles ‘n Bits

I seem to have caught some kind of disease where I’m only able to write one paragraph about any particular topic. Henceforth, this will be the last time I make mention of my disease until I am cured of it.

Good day to you, Chatty Cathies! It’s so great to see everyone participating in the Peanut Gallery and enjoying themselves on the site. That’s what I’m doing this for, really. The most interesting part is how many visitors I have that never make comment. More than I would have thought. (I see you, Bozeman, MT!) I’ve even got the beginnings of an international community started here. The second most popular country from which to read my blog is apparently Australia (Hi Kami and Andrew!), followed by the United Arab Emirates (huh?). Brazil and Mexico are next, obviously due to the absolutely gargantuan amount of Latino-centric content on the site. And Taiwan comes in just after something called "old style Arpanet" whatever the heck that is. Upgrade, people!

Stephanie (Queen of Scrabble) and I had a fine morning today, if by "fine" I mean "active", which in this case I believe I do. We walked several blocks to some outdoor tennis courts, during which travel I repeatedly asked Stephanie why God gave us cars if he wanted us to walk. Upon arriving, we played a game much like tennis, but with more running, and much less volleying. And also much less racket-to-ball contact. Actually, it reminded me a lot of another game, commonly called "fetch." When we came home we went for a dip in the pool, played with diving rings, and pulled each other around the pool by the ankles. I think I even got a bit of a tan! Will wonders never cease? I must say, a bald head may be interesting by itself, but a tan bald head is quite a thing to behold.

I discovered something truly amazing last weekend, and I would be far too greedy if I didn’t share. The geeks in the audience have already heard of MegaTokyo, but I imagine almost everyone else out there hasn’t so I’m introducing you today. Give that link a little clickeroo and read it from front to back. It’s pretty fun. I’ve always enjoyed anime, but I like this particular brand especially. From what I’ve found, people with no experience in the world of anime seem to expect the content to be of the X-rated or R-rated nature, but I assure you MegaTokyo is no more than PG-13 at most. One warning though: It won’t make sense if you don’t start from the beginning. So if you just begin by reading the latest strip, well, there’s no way you’ll enjoy it. I believe there are currently 434 strips in the series. I read all of them last weekend. I wholeheartedly encourage such a venture on your part!

With reviews of Pirates of the Caribbean


, I can’t resist adding my own. Steph and I saw the flick two nights ago, and both of us thoroughly enjoyed it. I went in expecting another half-hearted Hollywood dung heap, but left wondering why I never fully realized the talent of Johnny Depp. For those of you who’ve seen the film, let me make an even more powerful example of Depp’s talent: Johnny Depp is 40 years old. Now you fully understand. For those of you who haven’t yet seen it, the reviews I linked so tightly a few sentences ago may give you some idea of whether this film is for you or not. From my perspective, this film reminded me quite a bit of The Princess Bride. No, it wasn’t quite that good, but it approached it at points. Romance, comedy, escape scenes, swordplay, witty dialogue, witty dialogue during swordplay. Crazy characters. You get the idea. If you see it, I hope you enjoy it.

Oh, and just a word to the wise, think twice before you laugh at someone else’s drawing in a game of Pictionary.

Bad things could happen.

(Hmmm… that was two paragraphs… maybe my disease is in remission?)

13 thoughts on “Kibbles ‘n Bits

  1. Now… with that picaroonish Pictionary prisoner, does maximum security mean he only has access to games like Candyland or Hungry Hippos [or 16-bit computer solitaire, for that matter(:]?

  2. Ummm, where did you learn how to count Josh? That’s more than 2 paragraphs- I count 6 breaks- whether or not they’re paragraphs is up to the grammar police (not me, I’m a lackluster National Guard Grammer man- not at all enthusiastic about my role).

    Who was fetching the tennis ball the most? I’m going to take a wild guess and say you, Mr. Bald-headed tough guy who can’t walk three blocks without complaining. Pirates of the Caribbean supposedly is too long with too much swashbuckling, but still fun- meh, I’m always up for more fun, so I’ll see if I can watch it soon.

  3. Well, in my own defense here, you’ll note that it says that I’m unable to write more than "one paragraph about any particular topic", not just "one paragraph." So obviously the disease is fine with writing several paragraphs. It’s just that I can’t spread the same subject matter throughout two or more paragraphs, adjacent or not.

    It’s no matter, I suppose. I’m cured of it now! 🙂

  4. Don’t be fooled Josh. It’s only the calm before the storm! Before you know it every sentence will…. hey, did you hear the one about the man and the baloney sandw….. AHHHHH! It’s contagious!!!!!!!

  5. EVERYBODY!!! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!! IT”S AN EPIDEMIC OF ASTRONOMICAL …. ich? Yeah, he looked in his luch box and said, ” Not another balogna sandwich!” The guy next to him said, “Why don’t you ask your wife to make you some peanutbutter and jelly, or PERHAPS some tuna fish?” The man with the blongna responded, ” But I’m not married. I make these myself!” …. (said in a deep James Earl Jones/ Charleton Hestonish voice) Well the truth of the matter is that most of the baloney in our lives is put there ourselves (excerpt from the main speaker’s sermon at the pastor conference that Ken Lewis recently returned from).

    This has been a program sponsored by SPAM: the wonder meat.

  6. Eddie,

    I will heed your warning. I’m on high-alert for the rest of the day in case these symptoms reoccur, especially seeing that it is apparently communicable over the Internet. Not that we’ve never seen a virus do that before… but I’m not running Windows!

    (pause for laughter)

    Re: prison pictionary, can you imagine what would happen if they allowed them to play MONOPOLY?!? Luckily the wardens in power are not so foolish.

    I hope you get better soon, Eddie. I’m not used to you being so schizophrenic. Or, wait. Yes I am. 🙂

  7. Oh, on your anime comments Josh, the R-Rated thing (or even XXX) is assumed by many. I’ve recieved dirty looks from a younger woman on one Cowboy Bebop disc purchase, and an outright, “why are you buying this trash” from an older cashier. News to all, anime= porn or satan incarnate. Ugh.

    They need to create a pill for you and Eddie. Seriously.

  8. Well, I’ve been reading MegaTokyo over my breaks today. Josh, you must have spent all of Saturday on this, because I’m only on #86, and I spent quite a bit of time on it already.

    I find it quite funny, but I’ll add a few caveats: as Josh said, read from the beginning, or it’s not funny- there’s a main storyline, interspersed with cartoons using the same characters, but not a part of the main story. Also, if you have no experience with gaming, or Japanese culture and anime, 80% of it will not be funny. If you have a slight knowledge of the three, though, it’ll be funny for you.

  9. I think you have writing ADD or something. Good thing it isn’t writing ADHD or you might just be typing along and all of a sudden RANDOM CAPITAL LETTERED sections might start popping up when you get excited about a topic. That would be dangerous… or something.

  10. 433r Bozeman Montana. 433r them.

    Cartoon 33 of Megatokyo is hilarious. I’m having many chuckles over my lunch breaks, so join me and Josh.

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