Well, there’s really no reason for me to repeat everything Kevin has already said so I’ll let his entry speak on what it does. But I’ll tell a little bit of the story from my perspective, because it was fun.

Neal and I were chatting about what game we would play in a few minutes when I got some emails from my blog (because my blog emails me when someone posts a comment). Kevin and Abby were at the Southdale Apple Store and were checking out the merchandise, as any sensible human would. I responded to their comments (as you can see in the previous post), and then realized, “Wait a minute, they’ve got iSights all over that store!” so I posted again, hoping that Kevin and Abby would know that I’m obsessive and had probably responded to their comments while they were still in the store. And they did! That’s what good friends are for.

So I posted my iChat name (since removed, because this is the Internet) and a few moments later, Kevin had signed on using one of the store’s login names and I had opened a video chat with him! And there we were.

I’ve read other posts from Mac users where they talk about how powerful iChat and an iSight can be to close the cross-country gap, but I just have to reiterate that. In addition, it’s one thing to see a “geek friend” on iChat (especially someone who is there all the time anyhow) and quite another thing to see someone that I haven’t seen for six months, even though I’ve been communicating quite often. It’s like that great feeling you get when you step off the airplane and your loved ones are waiting there by the gate with a little balloon and a hug for you. That’s the potential of iChat and iSight. It’s a digital hug.

Just thought you’d be interested to hear about it.

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