Another iTunes Song

New contest, same as the first, but a little bit later with a bit more verse!

New additional rule: If you’re already won, you can’t win again.

6 thoughts on “Another iTunes Song

  1. Prompted by long drive memories
    of oldies playing over the speaker
    and brother’s wet willies,
    I bought “War” by Edwin Starr.

    (Check this album out! Tons of good songs for fans of Motown: )

    The only music my family could ever agree to in the car were oldies, and a recent game I’ve been playing has “War” in the soundtrack, which has brought back memories of long drives for every summer vacation, only saved by card games and oldies over the car speakers.

  2. Good golly Joshua, what have you done to me? I went on a ten song binge (well, you got one free, get a couple more… idiot) grabbing more songs off of that Motown collection, and a few more Simon and Garfunkel songs… I managed to stop myself there, but sheesh! *shakes fist at Josh* Get thee behind tempter! 😉

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