The Filing Cabinet

Most people have paperwork they have to keep but don’t need to have immediately at hand. I guess it’s part of this “adult life” thing I keep hearing so much hype about. Thus, the invention of the filing cabinet. Steph and I have one, of course, and we keep all our boring paperwork in there.

Recently we were thinking about death (we really have fun on the weekends, don’t we?) and Steph told me that if she died, there would be certain places I would have to call in order to get life insurance stuff and other details squared away. I told her I would never remember such a thing in that event, and wished there was an easy way to store and recall it later, come the need.

So she took the information, went to the filing cabinet, and put it in the “Warranties” folder.

4 thoughts on “The Filing Cabinet

  1. So would you get a new “Stephanie” delivered in 10-14 days in the case of replacement? That would kinda suck though, being that you’d be 27 years older than her then. Unless, of course, they already had extras made when she was born and kept them sitting on a shelf the last quarter of a century. And consdering how Stephanie hates dusting they’re probably pretty bad and could, no doubt, use a bath and a change of clothes.

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