Congrats, Neal!

I just wanted to take a minute to congratulate Neal on his winning of Best Actor for his work in Capote. Way to go, man! I knew you were good, but I think we all underestimated you.

I’m proud to call you my friend.

5 thoughts on “Congrats, Neal!

  1. And all this time we thought you were a mild-mannered professor in Duluth. Oh, you kidder! You sure had us fooled.

    Hey, can you introduce me to Mel Gibson?

  2. My blog’s banner has been hijacked. Hijacked I say! For this tomfoolery! I never!

    *bows* I know I’m good. I just fool you all! And you think I actually LIVE in an efficiency? Ha! Hoodwinked you all!

    You know… I wonder if the world would implode if I ever met this guy… it’s a little scary.

  3. No. I have ALWAYS thought that actor was BUFUGLY and SCARY and Neal looks nothing like him. *shudders* His entire head is the same color and he freaks me out. His hair looks awful, too. It’s a weird combover type of mop. Neal has his shorter on the sides and it looks so much better. Believe me. I love running my fingers through it and I wouldn’t touch that man’s head with a five million foot pole!

    He’s missing Neal’s trademark dimples, too, which just MAKE Neal’s cute, adorable face!

    Please, please, please take him off Neal’s banner so I can go back to that site. Otherwise I can’t go there anymore. Please? *looks imploringly at Josh and whispers* that man scares me.

    (Also, I’m making Neal read his comments to me because I can’t bear to go back and look at freaky-man.)

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