Face Tracking Camera

I swear I’m not trying to turn this into YouTube Central, but this is some pretty sweet technology. Looks like a ton of fun. Check it out here or over at YouTube. The guy in the video is Phillip Torrone, senior editor of MAKE magazine.

6 thoughts on “Face Tracking Camera

  1. As he says at the beginning of the video, he’s using the Orbit MP QuickCam from Logitech. I think the software that comes with it works with some of their other cams, though.

    To me, this is the kind of thing that’s truly exciting about technology, because it’s almost like magic. That’s the spot in technology that I prefer to be as a user. And ideally, as a creator. I haven’t reached that yet.

    I wonder what happens when there’s more than one face in the shot?

  2. I like the koala. He’s cute. How do they do that without sticking those little wire sticky things all over you like I’ve seen done for other live animations?

  3. So they only work with “compatible” webcams, which are only the ones they sell? Curious. I wonder if it would work with other cameras, like the iSight, or a real video camera.

    And here’s the fun part–can you make your own avatar?

  4. I don’t know if this is creepy or cool but my thought was EXACTLY the same as Josh’s. “I wonder what happens when there are more faces on the screen?” I am going to choose to think of this as cool and not creepy but…

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