I had the iTunes album art screen saver running today, and I saw Chris Rice’s “Short Term Memories” album come up. Only I didn’t think it was “Short Term Memories” at first. My brain immediately said “Odelay.” The more I looked, the more freaked-out I got. Check this out.

Could it be coincidence? The only thing that scares me more is that this must mean Chris Rice is actually in my music collection.

5 thoughts on “Coincidence?

  1. If I knew who Chris Rice was perhaps I’d snicker and point. Instead, I’m off to the wikipedia and iTunes to figure out who this guy is. I might be back later for snickering depending on the results of my search.

  2. For those not in the know, Chris Rice is a Christian artist who, in my opinion, writes only for Christians. And not even all Christians. Just those who are… umm…. well-connected to their sensitive sides. Females, perhaps. I do enjoy a tune or two of his, but he just writes like a chick! He really does. I mean, check this out. Lyrics from a song of his:

    I need a hero
    Please come and find me
    Come to my rescue
    And crash through the wall
    Announce my freedom
    Bring me to my senses
    Gather me into Your strong arms
    And carry me home

    I mean, fine, desire to be saved. I’m OK with that. But can you sound like a man while you write that, please? There’s no fire or strength in Chris’ heart. Zero cajones. Zero Rock and or Roll. It’s just all, “Oh, I’m so weak. Save me! I’m scared and foolish!” So I often joke with Steph and call him Christina Rice.

    All the same, I did write this about his song “Naive”. Excellent lyrics, those.

  3. And now, I’m realizing something even more strange: the entry of mine that I just linked to was written, to the day, two years before this blog entry. What the frick is going on?

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