Our 4th Anniversary

Stephanie and I are celebrating our 4th anniversary today (woo hoo!) and we’re going north a bit to Stinson Beach, which I understand to be very scenic, peaceful, and good for surfing. We’re also going to see The Fantasticks tomorrow night on the beach, so that should be awesome. I absolutely adore the music in that show.

Stephanie, it’s been an incredible four years with you, and I wouldn’t take a second of it back. You inspire me every day, and I don’t know what I would do without you. I love you.

3 thoughts on “Our 4th Anniversary

  1. Ay yai! Has it been 4 years already? Time sure flies! Congratulations you two and have fun. I won’t make any hints that I hope most of the next 4 are spent closer to MN. Hehe, I try not to bring that up. 😉

  2. Oh wait! Is this the same area where Steph and I went to that lighthouse? Or is it just south of there? *name touches something in Neal’s memory* Darnit, I can’t remember. Good choice if it is, that area is gorgeous!

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